We are exited to announce that we have just launched some new features in our boxing web app. Read on to learn more.

Landscape Mode

If you are using a laptop or tablet device the app will now launch in landscape mode. This offers a larger timer and info panel, and since we had some extra space to work with we have also added counters for the number of moves and combos included in your workout. If you have a flat-screen TV in your workout area, try to mirror your device screen to the TV for a great workout experience.

Landscape mode boxing timer

Enhanced Moves Configuration

We are now allowing users more control over how their workouts are configured. The app supports the following move types;

  • Punches
  • Defense
  • Footwork
  • Kicks
  • Knees & Elbows

For each of these moves (except Punches) you can now select one of three options; None, Some or More. Punches is always set to More.

Enhanced moves configuration

Behind the scenes we have made changes to our combo generator to ensure that the workouts we generate have a better balance of the various move types for each configuration option.

In our Technique Primer you can find more details and videos on all the moves we offer in the app.

Southpaw Mode and More

We have enabled our Southpaw mode. This can be selected in the Stance section of our workout configuration screen. We are transforming any combo that contains stance dependent moves on the fly, thus any combo that is available for an Orthodox stance should now also be available for Southpaws. We would love to get some feedback on how this feature works so if you are a lefty please leave a comment or message. You can use this form or simply email us at support@combat.academy.

We have also applied a fix that should hopefully eliminate audio clipping and skipping, something that previously was an issue for fast and complex combos.

Finally, we have improved the app so that the screen will remain on during an entire workout for more users. Currently this only works on Android and Windows devices. If you are using an iOS device some manual steps are stil required and we have published a short guide here.

Learning with Combat Go

Whether you are an experienced boxer or a beginner, Combat Go can help you learn the basics, improve your skills and get a great workout. If you have been boxing for a while you should be able to jump in and start using our web app to generate workouts for shadow boxing and bag/pad work right away. If you are new to boxing, read on for some tips on how to get started with boxing and the Combat Go app.